Celebrating 15years In Business

Friday, 23rd February 2018

Hola Beauties,


It is hard to image Melle Beauty is celebrating 15 years in business this year! I would sincerely like to thank our amazing customers who share our philosophy of going beyond customer expectations.

Launching our new Peruvian Chapter in 2018 is certainly another special dream that is turning into reality!!




Merry Christmas All

Sunday, 24th December 2017

Season’s Greetings Beauties,

Wishing you all an amazing Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I would like to thank our amazing hotelier’s for there continued support over the past 12 months whilst Melle Beauty has travelled across SE Asia, Australia, France, Italy, Channel Islands UK and now discovering Peru, South America.

Looking forward to commencing new and exiting projects in the New Year whilst immersing one’s self into the ancient beauty and wisdom of this vast land.

Wishing you a joyful and buoyant 2018!!



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November News

Tuesday, 28th November 2017

Hola Beauties,

Pre – Christmas has arrived and we are full steam ahead dispatching orders for the busy summer season in Tasmania, Australia. A very BIG Congratulations to Frank and Eve as they launch their newest/latest  property “Blue Magnolia” in the heart of Hobart the sister property of the divine Stone Flower located in Hobart, we are extremely pleased to have collaborated with such beautiful properties.

Last week in South America we visited glorious Argentina, the capital Buenos Aires and next week we return down south of Peru to revisit the salt mines and the ancient city of Cusco.

We are extremely grateful to be able to explore this incredible country and to be able to source magnificent ingredients for one’s body and soul. For further business information please email – melannie@mellebeauty.com.au alternately follow us on Instagram melle_beauty_body Xx

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The Natural Colouring Art For Alpaca Wool

Thursday, 26th October 2017

Hola Beauties,

Since arriving into Peru I have developed an unbelievable fondness for the glorious Peruvian Alpaca’s. This multifaceted, ancient & absolutely divine animal’s play such an important role within the highland community and for most Peruvians. Their attributes include beautiful textiles, rugs, highland lipsticks and moisturises. The highlanders have been enjoying the benefits for thousands of years. Recently whilst visiting the Sacred Valley, my family witnessed the dying process(below) for alpaca textiles the highland women use natural colouring agents for their textiles, the colour green comes from the boiled leaves from the eucalyptus tree’s, purple corn, seeds and grains are all used for the colouring process.



Experience Peru

Thursday, 5th October 2017

Melle Beauty has arrived into Lima, Peru!

We thank SE Asia, for an amazing oriental adventure and now we say HOLA, Lima Peru and look forward to engaging with this diverse ancient culture and discovering the vast natural beauty. We have received such a warm welcome from the local community & would like to kindly thank our new amigo’s and look forward to working closely with our new Peruvian team.

Watch this space as we unlock and take a glimpse of working and living in South America whilst introducing our Tasmanian Beauty!

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